Tell our papers’ owners: Get serious, get this contract done

Click here to tell our executives to get this deal done now!

We, the unionized staff of The Palm Beach Post, The Palm Beach Daily News, The Naples Daily News and The Fort Myers News-Press are at a “prove-it” point in our negotiations with our owner, Gannett, for an equitable contract.

First, journalists have endured years of frozen pay and cuts to key benefits like the 401K plan. We unionized, putting aside the varied interests and statuses evident on any job site, in a bid for fairness and respect. And we endured pandemic furloughs, a nice word for having our pay cut at a time when we needed it most.

All the while, our newsrooms hemorrhaged employees: 44 in the Naples and Fort Myers newsrooms and 48 in Palm Beach have left since our respective newsrooms unionized.

We are, as noted above, at a prove-it point. Will Gannett continue to simply SAY how much it respects the work of its journalists? Or, will it actually SHOW employees respect where it counts most – in their paychecks?

No more offers with wage scales that would leave employees eligible for housing assistance. No more offers that insult the years-long contributions of more experienced staff.

We know Gannett can offer substantial pay and bonuses; we’re aware of the roughly $1.5 million the company paid out in bonuses to its CEO and CFO last year.

Gannett didn’t hire us because we’re stupid. They should stop treating us like we are.

Join us in telling Gannett’s CEO Mike Reed, Gannett Chief Content Officer Kristin Roberts and local Executive Editors: Get serious, and get this contract done.

Click here to tell our executives to get this deal done now!