Our mission

We the journalists of The Palm Beach Post and The Palm Beach Daily News are forming a union to preserve our role as a resource in our community, a voice for the voiceless and a watchdog that holds the powerful accountable.

For 104 years, The Palm Beach Post has been the newspaper of record in Palm Beach County. With fewer resources every year, our journalists have broken national stories, reported tirelessly on natural disasters and exposed corruption at the highest levels of county government under often exhausting circumstances.

Despite a smaller staff and limited resources, our passion for the craft and commitment to the mission drives us to produce the award-winning work our newspapers have always delivered.

To continue our vigilance and strengthen our commitment to serve our readers, we must have a seat at the table when decisions are made about staff reductions, reorganizations and how we cover our community.

We understand Palm Beach County better than the out-of-state corporate owners, however well-intentioned, who bought our newspapers two years ago.

Our editors and newsroom leaders are members of this community too. We’ve formed this union to work with them, not against them.

We’re confident that a democratic landscape will protect our journalists, editors, newspapers and community.

This union is for all of us.

Adriana Delgado
Alexa Silverman
Alexandra Clough
Allen Eyestone
Andrew Marra
Annette Jones
Carla Trivino
Cecilia Mazanec
Chris Persaud
Christine Stapleton
Damon Higgins
Darrell Hofheinz
Eddie Ritz
Eliot Kleinberg
Emily Sullivan
Frank Cerabino
Greg Lovett
Hal Habib
Hannah Morse
Hannah Winston
Howard Goodman
Jan Sjostrom
Jane Musgrave
Jay Rose
Jeff Ostrowski
Jim Hayward
Jodie Wagner
Joe Capozzi
Joe Forzano
John Pacenti

Jorge Milian
Kimberly Miller
Kristina Webb
Lannis Waters
Larry Aydlette
Leesa Davis
Leslie Streeter
Liz Balmaseda
Lou Ann Frala
Lulu Ramadan
Mark Josaitis
Meghan McCarthy
Melanie Mena
Michele Kelley
Olivia Hitchcock
Phillip Suitts
Richard Graulich
Rick Robb
Robin Webb

Ryan DiPentima
Sam Howard
Samantha Forzano
Shannon Donnelly
Sonja Isger
Sy O’Neill
Thomas Cordy
Tom D’Angelo
Tony Doris
Wayne Washington
Wilkine Brutus
William Kelly

Feb. 18, 2020